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Best Practices for Embracing

EKS for Spark Workloads 

  • How to mitigate the cost risks that come with containerized environments
  • The emerging business value of migrating Spark streaming to EKS
  • How autonomous optimization is helping businesses during (and after) the transition 
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Download the Guide

Download the Guide

What's Included


The State of Data on Kubernetes

Why more businesses are choosing to migrate their data processing workloads onto Kubernetes

The Emerging Shift to Data on EKS

Learn about the expanding options for businesses and their data workloads on EKS

Why Spark Users Adopt Containers

Explore the role that risk, speed, efficiency and agility play in this decision

Amazon EMR on Amazon EKS Best Practices

Discover how to consolidate analytics workloads with other workloads on EKS 

Cost Considerations of Containerized Environments

Read about the #1 concern for migrating Big Data applications to Kubernetes and the 3 steps to lowering TCO