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Accelerating ML and DL Pipelines

Intel Granulate & Dell Servers
on Cloudera

  • Access Dell's thorough evaluation of the
    Intel Granulate optimization solution
  • Get in-depth analysis on how optimization impacts ML and DL pipelines
  • Learn how Big Data optimization improves Dell PowerEdge Servers on Cloudera Data Platform
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Download the eBook

Download the eBook

What's Included


Technology Overview

Learn about Intel Granulate's SaaS  architecture and how the agent builds optimization configuration.

Validation Overview

Dive into the various phases involved in optimization: Profiling, Learning, Optimizing and Capacity Reduction.

Workload and Results

Discover the detailed impact of autonomous, continuous optimization on the
Cloudera Data Platform

Configuration Details

Access the hardware and software details cluster of the Dell PowerEdge servers powered by Intel® 3rd Generation Xeon® Scalable Processor on Cloudera Data Platform


Read the summary provided by Dell
about how Intel Granulate can help your business extend its data center and cloud environment capabilities