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Accelerating AdTech Applications

Watch our session with Seth Hammac
and Rajen Narurkar of AWS,
to learn how to harness the power of optimization for faster performance.
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What will
you learn?

Cutting edge cloud optimization methods, tools and strategies to help you stand out in a crowded ecosystem
How to reduce latency, improve resiliency and achieve operational excellence
The benefits of autonomous optimization for AdTech and MarTech businesses
Top AWS insights for performance improvements to RTB applications

Meet The Speakers

Learn From Advertising & Marketing Application Optimization Experts

In advertising and marketing, every microsecond counts.
Watch the session to find out how to easily win more ad requests.
Seth Hammac

Seth Hammac

Global Partner Lead, Advertising at AWS

Rejan Narurkar

Sr Partner Solutions Architect - AdTech
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Insights from Top Industry Experts

As an AWS for Advertising & Marketing Partner  with competencies in containerized environments and DevOps, we will be hosting a live session about the role that autonomous optimization plays in the cloud architecture of businesses in this vertical. 

In AdTech, the slightest performance improvement to RTB applications can make all the difference in the industry that depends on speed. 

In this session with Seth Hammac and Rajen Narurkar of AWS, we discussed the methods, tools and strategies that allow companies to find their competitive edge.

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