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Top Strategies to Survive Customer Surges

Prime members purchased more than 375 million items worldwide during Prime Day 2023 with no application issues. 

Watch this session to learn resiliency strategies from AWS experts and how to prepare for Black Friday.

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What will
you learn?

Why resiliency can make or break your Black Friday and the top automated solutions that will save the day
How to cope with 100s of millions of customers without compromising performance
Top tips to improve customer experience by optimizing online retail applications for latency
Strategies for optimizing customer behavior at scale for data analysis following usage surges

Meet The Speakers

Learn From Containers and Retail App Experts

Holiday season is coming up and usage is about to rise fast.
Be ready.

Ratnopam Chakrabarti

Solutions Architect Containers at AWS

Shivam Dubey

 Associate Specialist Solutions Architect, AWS
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Resiliency INSIGHTS

Insights from Performance Experts

Most enterprises employ the cloud to scale their applications because of the unprecedented flexibility that it allows, ensuring seamless operations, scalability, and efficient resource allocation.

But what about the irregular fluctuations like seasonal peaks and valleys? 

With holiday shopping around the corner, businesses are sure to experience variations in usage behavior.

In this webinar, we will discuss the role that containerized environments in tandem with automation and continuous optimization play in ensuring the stability and resiliency of systems… no matter the behavior of the application’s userbase.

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