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Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Kubernetes

Watch for the latest trends in Kubernetes cost optimization.

Explore the paradigm shift from incremental to holistic solutions, and gain valuable insights into the future of Kubernetes optimization.

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What will you learn?

The latest trends and changes in the world of Kubernetes cost optimization
How digital native businesses are applying holistic K8s optimization solutions
How autonomous optimization is helping businesses reduce TCO at scale
DevOps cost reduction tips and best practices for containerized environments

Learn from the experts at the forefront of Kubernetes optimization

Watch the on demand webinar about the optimization methods that leading DNBs are using to reduce the TCO of their Kubernetes infrastructure.
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Arun Gupta

Governing Board Chairperson
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Jenny Besedin

Solution Engineer and Kubernetes Expert
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Insights from Kubernetes Leaders and Trendsetters

The need for cost reduction in Kubernetes environments has never been so front of mind, but the approach to optimizing Kubernetes to minimize wasted resources is in the midst of a major paradigm shift.

Until recently, DevOps teams would focus on improving a single element of the containerized infrastructure at a time, like rightsizing or instance type for example. However, there has been a growing determination to employ holistic optimization solutions that change the way we fundamentally think about cost reduction for Kubernetes.

In this session, we explore a range of methods that align with this transformative approach and discover the untapped potential and revolutionary strategies that will shape the next era of Kubernetes optimization.

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