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Best Practices for Embracing EKS for Spark Workloads

Watch our session with Global GTM Leader at AWS Analytics, Kiran Guduguntla. Dive deep into the best practices of migrating data streaming to Kubernetes.
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How to mitigate the cost risks that come with containerized environments
The emerging business value of migrating Spark streaming to EKS
How autonomous optimization is helping businesses during (and after) the transition 
 Best practices for ensuring high-performance data streaming on Kubernetes

Meet The Speakers

Learn from Kubernetes and Big Data streaming optimization experts

Need to transfer your Spark streaming to containerized environments? 
Make it a smooth transition. Secure your spot now and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Kiran Guduguntla

Worldwide Go-to-Market (GTM) Leader, AWS Analytics

Avi Rubin

Solution Engineer and Kubernetes Expert
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Insights from EKS, Spark and EMR Leaders

More and more businesses are using data streaming and processing infrastructure like Spark on Kubernetes environments like Amazon EKS. However, many challenges arise when employing such a methodology, like resource management, cluster scalability, containerization complexities, and more. 

In this session with Kiran Guduguntla, Worldwide GTM Leader at AWS Analytics, about why these migrations are growing in popularity, the cost challenges that come with Spark streaming on containerized environments, and how to mitigate these risks with performance optimization and other techniques.

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